Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Failed Mani

Hey everyone ! How are you guys ? I hope you are all doing well. I'm okay I guess . Just finished up some homework. Well anyway Today is nothing really special. I like to think of this as one of my failed manis . I don't know what I don't like about it but I absolutely hate it. It was supposed to be cherry blossoms but I don't what to call them . I Started off with a french tip and it just got worst from there. If you have any question on colors I used then just ask. Well I hope you enjoy this fail of a mani !

xo ; Toyomi .

 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash
 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Matte Black Cheetah Print

Well first off hello everyone ! I hope you are all doing well . I'm sorry for the day late post and I'm sorry about the post I accidentally posted on Friday . That was for my English blog . But anyway I'm here with another simple design that I did on my mom . She just wanted a matte black base with the shiny cheetah . I think that they came out very nice and it's a very simple but eye catching look . I painted her nails with OPI Black Ony and used Hard Candy's Matte-ly About You and then I did the cheetah print in that same print . Well Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

 artificial light ; no top coat ; no flash .
 artifical light ; matte top coat ; no flash .
 artificial light ; no flash .
artificial light ; no flash .

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Small Winning

Hey everyone ! Sorry about yesterday, but I was extremely exhausted. I was swamped with homework last night and I had to blog for English. School is getting harder and harder. I sincerely apologize. Today since I have just as much homework I'm just gonna share a winning with you quickly. This polish I won from Shaina over at Haute Lacquer, It's Klean Color Chunky Holo Fuchsia  . I haven't decided what I'm going to layer it over. Swatches will be coming soon . Any suggestions ? Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swatches & Leopard Nail Art

Hey guys ! I hope you all are doing well . I'm doing pretty well . I think you guys will be pretty shocked to find out that I actually have to blog for my AP English class here on blogger, lol . I thought it was really funny when my teacher mentioned it . Anyway I just got done with a load of homework plus my blog for english , so I apologize in advance for the delay of this post. So today I have the swatches of the colors from the previous post plus some nail art . The only swatch I dont have right now is the Silver Shatter which will come later. So here I have OPI Alpine Snow ,  China Glaze Spontaneous , and China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le. Then I just added some leopard nail art on the white nails with the usual acrylic paint and the colors that I swatched as the spots . I hope you enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 left hand ; sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 right hand ; sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 left hand ; sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .
right hand ; sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Small Haul

Hey everyone . Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday afternoon . I'm enjoying myself . I finished all my homework and now I'm just hanging out with my mom (: I just wanted to share with you guys a small haul and the swatches will be up on Monday because I've already did a mani with them . So I hope you enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

China Glaze Peri-Wink-le , OPI Alpine Snow , OPI Silver Shatter , and China Glaze Spontaneous .

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the First Day of School ! ; Cosmic Mani

Hii ladies ! I hope you all are doing well . I know I am . It's 4:52 and it's the first day of school for me . I'm absolutely excited considering I don't have to wake up till 5:30 . I'll be  a junior in high school ! YAY ! Last night I got all prepared , did my nails , pick out my outfit , and practically blew up everyone's Facebook wall about happy I was to see them . I figured since I'm up so early I might as well post something . So here's the mani . I tried to do a cosmic mani like I saw on Through The Wormhole . It think it turned out pretty but , but I just needed to add more colors . I used OPI Black Onys , OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui , and China Glaze Coconut Kisses .Then I added some glitters . Well without further-ado here is the mani . Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash
sunlight ; top coat ; no flash

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 Part Post ; Mani ; To Rhinestone or To Not Rhinestone ?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day . It's another rainy one for me . Anyway I just want to jump right into the post because there was so much argument my house after this mani . So for the mani to match the toes I used OPI Ogre The Top Blue and layered China Glazed Brokenhearted . I guess it was fine till then . I decided that I wanted to give it a little bling and a little shine . What better to add than a rhinestone . I added one pink rhinestone on each corner of the ring finger just so when the light catches it ,it'll be a little pop . Then I guess things got heated from there .

My cousin goes on to say " It's like a pimple at the ends of my nails ." , " Is there anyway we can take it off ? " All these other comments that I honestly didn't cared about because to me it looked fine and I mean she did tell me to do her nails and didn't specify what she wanted . My other cousin who was painting her nails agreed with her and had her own comments. My mom did agree with them at first until she took a better look in better lighting and then she was on my side . So I have a question for you readers .

Do you prefer the rhinestone or do you dislike the rhinestone ?

Also visit her blog if you want to view something other than nail art . High quality art ! Those Creative Days .

xo ; Toyomi .

 artificial light ; top coat ; no flash .
 artificial light ; top coat ; no flash .
artificial light ; top coat ; no flash .

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 Part Post ; Pedi First

Happy Sunday everyone ! (: Is anybody else having a rainy Sunday ? I love these kind of days . Well anyway today's post by the title you can tell that this is going to be a 2 part post . Today is just a simple pedicure . The manicure is not even a big deal but I will have a question for you on the 2nd part of this post  . So my cousins came over & one of them wanted me to do a pedi & a mani . For the pedi I used a base of OPI Ogre The Top Blue and layer China Glaze Brokenhearted over it ! Voila and the pedi was done . Then we moved onto the mani and things got more and more complicated as we went ........ so come back for the mani post . Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

PS ; If you appreciate different kinds of artwork you can actually check out my cousin's blog over Those Creative Days .

artificial light ; top coat ; no flash .

Friday, August 12, 2011

1st Attempt of Roses

Happy Friday everyone ! Hope you are all doing well . Today's mani is going to be a rose mani that I think I kind of failed on but at the same time I like it . I started off with two coats of For Audrey . I made the initial rose base in Sinful Colors Folly . After that I mixed a rose pink acrylic paint and a white acrylic paint together . After that I ended up using the striper from NaildeRoyale to make the leaves . The striper worked really great (: Then I just used another darker green striper to make the vein in the leaves . This was a pretty simple mani but I'm not to sure what to make of the outcome . I like it but I don't at the same . I'm sure the next time I do it , it'll be better . Well I need to go eat now . So Enjoy !

 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 right hand ; sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part 2 of the Lazy Pedicure

Happy Wednesday everyone ! I hope you are all doing well . I'm kind of happy and sad at the fact that I have school in 8 days . My summer was soo short . Anyway let's get onto this mani . The reason I call the pedi a lazy one is because I went all out on the mani . I used a picture from tumblr as an inspiration for this mani . I used many shades on pinks polishes and acrylic paint . I also used just some white acrylic paint . I also used some rhinestones to top of the little cupcakes . I really wanted to try my hand at a cupcake and I guess I wasn't so bad . I know I could improve a lot more but I was really happy with the outcome . If you have any questions about the colors used I'd be happy to answer . But I hope you enjoy another one of this mixed up manis :D

xo ; Toyomi .

 leftt hand ; sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 right hand ; sunlight ; no top coat ; no flash .
 left hand ; sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .
right hand ; sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beauty Blogazon Roundup

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Lazy Pedicure

Egh , I hate Mondays so much ; even when I'm not in school . Anyway I hope you all are enjoying your day and will enjoy your days to come . Anyway I'm just showing you a simple pedi today . I still had bits and pieces of the orange pedi from 6Flags on , and it was bothering me but mostly my mother to look at my toes . So I decided to change my polish . I used Sinful Colors Folly and and baby pink acrylic paint with a striper brush to get this pedi . It's quite simple and it's just cute . It matches the nails you will be seeing later this week (: Oh the suspense . Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

 sunlight ; no flash ; no top coat .
sunlight ; no flash ; top coat .

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mixed Up Mani

Happy Saturday everyone . Hope you all are doing well . Today's post is going to be short for the simple fact that there is so  much going on in this mani that I'm not really going to describe what I did because it's simple at the same time . I used a number of colors that are in shades of purples and pinks . I was feeling creative at around midnight so I decided to let my mind wonder and this is what I came up with . I also had a chance to use some of my untried polishes and acrylics paints so that was plus . If you have any questions on colors or how tos please let me know . I just used dotting tools , polishes , paints , and brushes for this ; nothing all that special . I hope you will enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

left hand ; artificial light ;  no flash ; no top coat .
right hand ; artificial light ; no flash ; no top coat .
left hand ; shade ; top coat ; no flash .
right hand ; sunlight ; top coat ; no flash .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

NailDeRoyale Haul

Hello everybody . Hope your Thursday is going well . This is going to be a really short post/haul . So recently I was contacted by some nice people over at NaildeRoyale who offered me some products . All their information is on their site so just click their name to get all the info . I only got four products but the four that I did get were perfect . I can't wait to use them and see their results . Well I'm going to stop blabbing and just show you the pictures . Enjoy !

xo ; Toyomi .

 Crackle polishe , black holo pigment , duo chrome hearts , green thin nail art brush ,
 Duo chrome hearts .
 Holo black glitter .
 Crackle polish .
 Green thin nail art brush .

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SnakeSkin Nail Tutorial

Hey ladies . Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday .  I'm enjoying mine . Well today I've finally come to you with the snake skin nail tutorial . Like I said when  I posted this nail art you could go watch the original tutorial on this design . Well here's the tutorial ! (: The pictures are crappy and I need to figure out a better way to do tutorials but I just hope you enjoy and get what it is that you need to do .

xo ; Toyomi .

 I used OPI San Tan Tonio , brown acrylic paint , black arylic paint .

You will need a piece of paper , one larger meshed fabric and one small sized meshed fabric .
Apply two coats of your base polish .
Put some of your brown paint on a paper and dip your sponge in it .
Dab most of the paint off onto your paper so the color isn't so bold .
Apply your larger mesh fabric on your nail .
Sponge the color all over the nail .
This is what you should get . You can stop here if you want .
Now repeat the same thing with the black paint .
Dab off some of the color .
Apply the smaller mesh fabric .
Dab the color on .
This is your finish product . You can top coat or make it matte . 

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